Many have inquired about how to address the problems prevalent in the newly mandated Common Core or CCSS. The CCSS is statist, leftist and is the antithesis to a Christian world view.
To summarize, there are two areas of concern.

1) This federally mandated system requires government control of every public school’s curriculum and has already been adopted in 46 states to date, including South Carolina. Government schools must follow the federal stipulations, which may also influence the curriculum in private, Christian and home schools. Already some Christian curriculum companies have aligned with CCSS.

2) Common Core also authorizes government agencies to gather and store private information into a central database on every school child. CCSS allows sharing and exchanging this information with other government and private agencies.

These policies reveal that in CCSS are the basic tenets of a totalitarian government. The best answer for your church, family and children is to withdraw from the K-12 public schools and to utilize private, Christian schools or home schools for your children’s education.

Image courtesy of knittymarie. Used under Creative Commons’ Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic License.