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Now is the time...

Now is the time for Christians to seriously consider withdrawing from public
education! Provide your children with Christian education or home schooling.

The evidence is abundant that Christian children cannot continue to thrive within the government school system as they have done in years past. As historical justification for the withdrawing of our children from government schools, the original Exodus itself is a prime example. The children of Israel spent 400 years in Egypt exiled from the Promised Land. It was always to have been a temporary arrangement. While allowed in God’s providence, it was not God’s long-term blueprint for them.

Just as the conditions in Egypt drastically changed and turned against the people of God when Pharaoh arose “who did not know Joseph” (Exodus 1:8), so the current government system has radically turned against Christian children, their beliefs and even against Christian teachers. This has been true for decades, but now with the adoption of Common Core, indoctrination and coercion have accelerated.

“The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom, and the knowledge of the Holy One is understanding.”​
Proverbs 9:10

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New American Magazine: Help Us Distribute Today

The New American magazine released a special report exposing the existential crisis posed to America and to freedom by an increasingly radicalized government education system. The report, entitled “Rescuing Our Children,” dedicates the entire February 4, 2019, issue of the magazine to the transformation of America’s public education system into what the authors describe as an indoctrination program to dumb down children and undermine the Republic.

We need folks to order these magazines and distribute them! The magazine is now a second edition with new articles and examples. Exodus Mandate and its supporters are joining this valiant effort, and we are humbly asking that you join us.

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Debbie DeGroff has been interviewed in a 2-part series on the Ray Moore Live show.

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