1. Select a prayer team to uphold the process with prayer.
  2. Develop the school’s philosophy and foundations.
    a. Determine the type of school to be started.
    b. Establish a mission statement for the school.
    c. Develop the school’s core values and biblical operating principles and policies.
  3. Look into and determine the following:
    a. The federal, state, & local regulations for starting a church-based Christian school.
    b. The size of school needed.
    c. How many grades to begin with
    d. Approximately how large to make each class
    e. Approximately how many teachers to hire
    f. What future growth to plan for
    g. The support in the church and community.
  4. Determine the estimated cost of implementing and operating a school.
    a. Facilities
    b. Renovating expenses
    c. Operating expenses
    d. Custodial expenses
    e. Additional furnishings like desks, tables, chairs.
    f. Curriculum and school materials
    g. Personnel
    h. Principal/Headmaster
    i. Teachers
    j. Administrative staff
    k. Custodial staff
  5. Set up the organizational structure and lines of authority for the school personnel.
  6. Develop guidelines, qualifications and responsibilities for the school board, and recruit members.
  7. Develop a job description, hiring procedure, qualifications and responsibilities for the school principal/headmaster.
  8. Develop a job description, hiring procedure, qualifications and responsibilities for teachers.
  9. Develop a timeline and plan for implementing all decisions made; determine an opening date.

Much more detailed information can be found at http://www.sbacs.org/startschool.html, http://www.bjupress.com/resources/christian-school/starting/http://gwmin.com/starthealthy.asp, and http://www.halladayeducationgroup.com/school_ser_form.php.

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