You can get involved with the mission of the Exodus Mandate in the following ways:

  1. Educate yourself about the dangers of government-sponsored education at the K-12 level.  (A variety of materials can be requested from this ministry.)
  2. Plan for the proper Christian education of those school-aged children and grandchildren that God has placed in your charge.
  3. Visit the Exodus Mandate website frequently and tell your friends about it. Check the map below and see if there is a state or area coordinator near you. We invite you to make contact and find out how you can help in your area.
  4. Share your concerns with your family, friends and pastor.  Discuss with them the urgent need for Christians to remove their children from government schools.
  5. Suggest that your church leaders schedule an event to show the movie IndoctriNation and/or Escaping Common Core, and invite a representative from Exodus Mandate to speak.
  6. Distribute brochures, DVDs, CDs, books and other materials that communicate the Exodus Mandate vision.  Contact our offices by phone at  (803)714-1744 or by email at for information about discounted bulk purchases of materials for distribution.
  7. Pray for families and churches in your community.  Pray for wisdom and strength as opinions about schooling one’s children are frequently very passionately held.
  8. Start a CERT Chapter

Start a CERT Chapter

CERTs – Christian Education Renewal Teams
Simply put, a CERT is a basic grassroots team formed to implement the vision of Exodus Mandate.  The primary mission of a CERT is to educate and assist families, churches, pastors and ministry leaders at the community level in carrying out a vision for Christian Education as formulated by Exodus Mandate.

Anyone can volunteer to organize a CERT in his or her community. Although a CERT can begin with as few as 2-3 Christians, ideally, CERTs should have 3-7 diverse members, including a pastor and an educator.  The group should remain an interdenominational, orthodox, evangelical Christian group.

Once organized, the CERT organizer should contact Exodus Mandate with the names and addresses of the members. After a brief assessment, we will validate your CERT as part of the Exodus Mandate Project and will assist your group in any way we can.

What a CERT does:

  • Provides basic information about the harm to children caused by government-sponsored education at the K-12 level
  • Presents the biblical and theological mandate of Christian education and various Christian education options
  • Promotes the exodus of Christian children from public schools and provides references to appropriate Christian schools or home school associations
  • Prays for churches and families in the community.

A CERT is not a committee or a study group, but it is an action team and should meet regularly for prayer.  The team members should become involved in their community, working to brief, inform, train and encourage the general at-large Christian community to remove their children from government schools and to provide for them a Christian education.

There are several ways to do this:

  1. Show the DVD IndoctriNation and/or Escaping Common Core in churches, Sunday school classes, Bible study groups, local Christian cable TV or local access channel
  2. Distribute materials, such as DVDs, CDs, books and brochures that encourage Christian parents to remove their children from government schools
  3. Arrange meetings with Christian educators, Christian business leaders and professionals and show the DVD IndoctriNation and/or Escaping Common Core. Invite discussions on the education crisis and how Christians should respond
  4. Support existing Christian education alternatives in the community and assist in creating additional opportunities.

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