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The Kingdom Seminar (9/24 in Columbia, SC)

Hello Friends, We are hosting Dan Smithwick and the Nehemiah Institute for The Kingdom Seminar, a Christian worldview training seminar for local pastors, community leaders, businessmen, influencers, and other professionals. This seminar consists of...

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Exodus Mandate and Cutting Edge Films presents Escaping Common Core: Setting Our Children Free Click here to order a copy! For bulk copy discounts, please visit

Listen! Ray Moore Radio Interview

E. Ray Moore was interviewed by Penna Dexter on Point of View Radio. Click here to listen! Skip to the 45 minute mark to hear beginning of the interview.

Looking Ahead: 2015 and Beyond

After celebrating our wonderful 20-year anniversary, our minds quickly turned to the years ahead. We hope that before we celebrate another 20 years our mission will take on a new face because there are...