TSFAH-Cover2-663x1024jason_smallNormally, we don’t review works of fiction on our website, but a young author, Jason McIntire, has written a novel that fits well with the mission of Exodus Mandate Project, i.e., to encourage Christian parents to remove their children from government-run, public schools, and place them in a Christian school or home school.

Jason McIntire’s novel, The Sparrow Found a House is a good, wholesome read for youth or young adults and is suitable for all ages. The story, which is set in modern times, is about a young family which goes through many transformations, one of them going from public school into homeschooling. Once the parents realize the inappropriate textbooks and required reading that their children have been exposed to in public school, they decide to homeschool, but not without a great deal of friction from their 15 year old daughter, Jessie.

Jason McIntire, a 2005 homeschool graduate, is a fulltime web professional who writes as a hobby. This Christian story is built around solid biblical ideas, but packaged in his own light-hearted, humorous style. Jason wants to encourage Christian homeschoolers, who have very little in the way of modern fiction or media that tells their story. It is published under the Elisha Press label, and may be freely downloaded for Kindle or read directly online. For more information about the author and book, please contact www.elishapress.com or email Jason at: jason@elishapress.com.