Gail and I both loved Vern and greatly admired him. Vern worked with my Exodus Mandate ministry since 1998, serving this last year as Alabama State Coordinator. He was a very effective worker – he was more of a “doer” than a “talker” and got things done.

He was a true Christian warrior, respected and depended on by many, very effective political and spiritual leaders and highly informed on Christian education and Christian social issues.

Vern saw growing K-12 Christian schools and home schooling would also advance God’s kingdom agenda and bring renewal to families, Church and culture. He distributed Exodus Mandate literature and DVD’s all over Alabama. He will be missed and left an empty spot in leadership.

A decade ago during the early days of the Chief Justice Roy Moore battle for posting the Ten Commandments, Vern created a yard sign company and over 100,000 Ten Commandment yard signs have been sold all over USA. If you have seen a Ten Commandment yard sign in front of a church or a family home, chances are they were provided by Vern’s company.

He was a faithful husband to Jean, homeschooled all 4 children who are all walking with the Lord. The Bearden children can be proud of their dad and have a great legacy. The funeral service at Calvary Bible Church in Huntsville, Alabama on 11/29 was Christ-honoring and attended by many of Alabama’s Christian and political leaders. Keep the Bearden family in your prayers.

E. Ray Moore
Chaplain (Lt.Col.) USAR Ret.