Dear friends and supporters of Exodus Mandate,

This time of year finds us so thankful for all of you who support us in countless ways. Many encourage us with notes like this one from Carl and Linda Jones: “We have always been advocates of your amazing organization and home-schooled our son….God bless you and the entire staff for your years of dedication to this noble cause. Our schools and their indoctrination of our people is why we are here at this ‘pit of hell’ in our nation’s history. We have lost everything that made our country strong and the only way to stop the decline is to rescue our precious children from the pits that IS public education. We will keep you in our hearts and in our prayers.”

Numerous local volunteers help in the office during “crunch” times, and others across the nation promote the goals of Frontline Ministries with their congregations, families and friends. We could not, however, enjoy the national impact we have had since 1997 without the faithful efforts of our volunteer state coordinators. Many have served in their states for ten years or more, and as we search for state coordinators to join us in states where they are still needed, we have found some men of sterling character.

We would like to introduce you to two of these new state coordinators. Dr. J. B. Hixson, Ph.D. in theology, is our new state coordinator in Illinois, where he pastors a church in Pekin. He has served as a seminary professor and Bible-conference speaker, and he and his wife, Wendy, are home-school parents. Michael Heath serves as our new state coordinator for Maine, and we are developing plans to expand his duties to include six states as our New England regional coordinator. For 16 years, he served as president of the Christian Civic League of Maine, the state’s leading family public-policy organization.

This fall, we attended many conferences, encouraging pastors and families to provide Christian education. We continue to promote the valuable resource of the IndoctriNation movie, as we witness its beneficial results in countless families. Gail returned from teaching women’s seminars in Jamaica, encouraged at the Lord’s work there. The following weekend, we attended a conference of major Christian leaders in Louisiana where I shared the Exodus Mandate vision for Christian education as part of a panel on the family. Due to disastrous trends in education mandated on the federal level, many are more receptive to the Church and family’s educational role.

Please, continue to pray for the publication of our book, The Promise of Jonadab in China. We encourage you to watch the two-minute Salinna Guo interview on Youtube ( about this possibility. The translation into Mandarin is complete, but recent leadership changes in China have resulted in suppression of Christian literature and persecution of Christian publishers there. The principles in the book would greatly assist the 70 million Chinese Christians living in China to raise godly families.

Obviously, these activities are quite expensive, and your partnership in Frontline Ministries’ ventures is vital to us. Your financial contributions will enable us to finish with a strong fiscal year and begin 2014 with the resources to continue. We would like to remind you of the excellent gift that The Promise of Jonadab would make for any young fathers or families on your Christmas list. After Brooke Mosteller, Miss South Carolina 2013, read it, she said, “Wow, thank you so much for your precious, powerful and truth-filled book! Not only is the cover beautiful, but the message is! What an original and so necessary message. I absolutely appreciate your insight into and love of family; so vitally important. Thank you!”

We are offering this timely book, The Promise of Jonadab, for a donation of $20. We are also offering the IndoctriNation movie for a donation of $20 and its companion book for a donation of $15. If you would like to request any of these items and make an online donation to the ministry, please, click here. As 2013 comes to a close, please, consider us for a generous year-end gift. Thank you for your continued support through your prayers and your advocacy for K-12 Christian education.

Thankfully and in His grip,
E. Ray Moore
President, Frontline Ministries