Every fall finds us another year closer to realizing the vision of the Exodus Mandate Project as more and more Christian children begin homeschooling or enter campus schools to receive a Christian education apart from government schools.  We in Frontline Ministries are always looking for ways to involve more of our supporters who desire to assist in making the biblical mandate for education a reality in their communities.  Christian education will only become the norm for the Church as we engage more of our brothers and sisters in Christ in the effort.

This month we are pleased to feature a K-12 Christian education school-apprenticeship program from one of our longtime ministry supporters, Dr. Ellsworth McIntyre.  His book, How to Become a Millionaire in Christian Education, details how to build a for-profit Christian school.  His personal success in Christian education has helped to launch a movement in which dozens of families have successfully followed his model to begin for-profit Christian schools.

The following link describes a new apprenticeship program offered completely free through Grace Community Schools in Bonita Springs, Florida. This entrepreneurial opportunity is designed to help people pursue a successful career in Christian school administration.  It includes theological, academic and practical training. (More information can be found herehttp://www.gcsapprenticeship.com), and if you’re interested, contact Dr. McIntyre directly.  He realizes Christian education expansion can generate cultural, family and church renewal.  R. J. Rushdoony says, “Dr. Ellsworth McIntyre…has begun a major educational revolution that is going to lead to a new reformation.”

We continue to promote Christian education through many venues.  In September, I will present seminars at the South Carolina Association of Christian Schools and displays at the national apologetics conference, Truth for a New Generation.  In October, Gail will travel to Jamaica to speak at two leadership seminars for women on the role of women in the Church and the home.  When she returns, we travel to New Orleans for a large meeting of conservative Christian leaders from across the nation, and I will speak on the issues of Christian education on one of the panels.

We are extremely prayerful as our book, The Promise of Jonadab: Building a Christian Family Legacy in a Time of Cultural Decline, has been translated into Mandarin.  Will you pray with us as our publisher in China seeks permission from the Chinese government for the book to be published?  We are hopeful that God will use this book to encourage millions of believers there to build Christian families for the glory of God.

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