Hello friends,

I’m doing a radio interview TODAY Tuesday, April 24th on “Point of View” with Kerby Anderson from 3-4 p.m.(ET) (Call-in radio) We will be discussing the “aftermath” of the “Sex Ed Sit Out” which happened yesterday. It is broadcast live and can be accessed on-line. It will broadcast on an est 300 stations all across US and perhaps well over 300,000 regular listeners, mostly evangelical Christians. Very faithful, activist and regular audience. Biggest opportunity for us since the James Dobson “Family Talk” interview on 3/20,21/17. PLEASE listen in today and post it on your face book or e-mail and twitter lists. Pray for us too.

Blessings. Chaplain Moore


In case you didn’t hear the radio interview yesterday between me and Kerby Anderson on “Point of View” here is the audio podcast link. Feel free to share/download. http://podcast.ncfr.net/?p=7907

Thanks to all who called in to contribute to the interview. We appreciate you! Keep fighting the good fight! Now more than ever, our message of K12 Christian education and Homeschooling needs to be resonated across our nation to save our children and grandchildren and future generations.


E. Ray Moore