(Compiled by Dr. J. David Lehman)

BIBLE BASED SOCIAL ENGINEERING – political indoctrination

Creation (Created in God’s image, Creator worship)   vs. Evolution (Evolved from animals.) (Nature worship)

Young Earth                                                               vs. Old Earth (An example – Progressive Creationism)

Belief in Absolutes (God’s Word) (Christian)              vs. Relativism (Tolerance) (anti-Christian, pro-Islam)

Life is from God, Be Fruitful and Multiply                vs. Abortion and Population Reduction (depopulation)

Marriage is between (1 man and 1 woman)                vs. Diversity in Families (2 men or 2 women)

Abstinence until Marriage                                         vs. Promotion of sexual Promiscuity

Biblical Family Structure                                           vs. Different Kinds of Family Structures

Biblical Family Structure                                           vs. All Different Types of Families are Equal

Normal Gender Identity                                             vs. Diverse Gender Identity, (Acceptance, Promotion)

Biblical truth or theism (one Biblical truth                  vs. Multiculturalism (Integrate multiethnic and global

for all cultures)                                                            perspectives) Challenge Cultural Assumptions and mold global citizens

Private Property (rewarded for hard work)                  vs. No Private Property (Redistribution of Wealth)

(collective ownership of the planet)

National Sovereignty (Patriotism for your country)     vs. Globalism (indoctrinating our children to accept

citizenship in a future Global Village)

Humans Created in God’s Image (humans are          vs. Environmentalism (animals are superior)

superior & are to take dominion over animals)              (Humans are to blame for environmental problems)

Salvation (through Jesus only)                                    vs. Religious Pluralism (Diversity of religious belief systems)

Sexual Moral Standards Upheld                               vs. Homosexual Lifestyle Promoted

Death (Present with the Lord.)                                     vs. Reincarnation (Born on earth again.)

Individualism (we are created in God’s image)           vs. Collectivism (Individuals aren’t important)

HEALTHY STANDARDS                                             vs. COMMON CORE STANDARDS (indoctrination)

Local Control                                                             vs. Federal Control

Student Privacy                                                          vs. Student Data Collected

Legal state/local school standards Constitutional     vs. CC Standards -Illegal under the US Constitution

Competitive State Standards                                    vs. Nationalized education (universal)

High Standards                                                          vs. Reduction in quality and standards

Teacher Led                                                               vs. Facilitator Led

Direct Teaching                                                         vs. Group Learning

Objective tests (repeat learned facts)                         vs. Subjective tests (express feelings)

Developmentally Age Appropriate                           vs. Developmentally Age Inappropriate (Joan Landis)

Pioneer Spirit (work hard, build a home, farm)            vs. Social Justice (redistribution of wealth)

Independent (self-reliant) (result – self worth)             vs. Dependent upon the government

(no feeling of accomplishment) (low self worth)

English only (assimilate into the countries’ culture)    vs. Multiculturalism Divides. Diversity. Each culture

has their own language, (Sharia) laws & religion.

Israel, Judaism & Christianity valued                        vs. Israel, Judaism & Christianity devalued Islam


Global Warming/Climate Change (skepticism)          vs. Climate Change (human-caused)(politically motivated)

Personal Career Choice (by students when ready)    vs. School to Work (early-age career path)

HISTORYFacts taught                                           vs. History revised/Feelings emphasized (downplays

our founders, focuses on injustices and oppression)

MATHMath relativism (Process over knowledge and facts)

Taught the Best way to get correct answers            vs. Describe how they got their answers

Memorizing (repeat learned facts)                              vs. Emphasize the process, an estimate is OK

Standard algorithm works first time, every time          vs. Student-constructed algorithms (slow & confusing)

ENGLISH LITERATURE – (diminished in CC) (fiction) vs. Informational Text emphasized (non-fiction)

PATRIOTISM (for America)                                         vs. Global citizenship (citizens of the world)

CONSTITUTION (original intent)                                 vs. Constitution (an evolving living document)


SCIENCE – Curriculum lacks both depth of content and instruction in the critical skills needed to be a scientist. They rely heavily on concepts like renewable resources, nuclear power or biodiversity which are examples of emotional and political hot-buttons of the moment, but are not the basis for a foundation in solid science knowledge. Very experienced Orange County, CA high school science teacher

HISTORY – As dictated by the new AP framework, students will be taught that much of their country’s history was warped by racism and cultural chauvinism. American founders are reduced to a minor role, if mentioned at all.    Frontline Ministries, Inc.

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