Alex Newman of the New American wrote a detailed and insightful column on Ray’s interview with Dr. James Dobson. We are encouraged to see fellow brothers and sisters in the faith taking up the homeschooling banner and raising this important issue to their audiences. Here’s an excerpt:

When asked by Dobson about his concerns, Moore let loose. “We got a reprieve in the last election, so I think it’s time for Christians to take a look at resetting the agenda for the church in the area of K-12 Christian schooling and homeschooling,” said Moore, the author of the book Let My Children Go and an executive producer for the popular Christian film on government schools entitled IndoctriNation. “We have four years to do something better and different. I think it’s time for pastors and churches and Christian leaders to really look at the Exodus Mandate option, which is our ministry, to pull out and start up private Christian schools and homeschools, that’s what we’re advocating.”

-Alex Newman